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Chauffeur Award Level 2 -The basics of a specialist role     £380.00

This course, fully accredited  and delivered since 2010 is run monthly,  for those who want to be more than just a 'driver' . This is the definative entry level course of choice for numerous corporate and private clients and leads naturally into the full level 3 qualifications.The lessons are delivered by current instructors and include former drivers for the Royal Household, Metropolitan Police SO1 & SO14,and Commercial Head Drivers . All practice what they teach at the highest levels. Over time we have been able to build in partner organisations relevant to the London Chauffeur. Contact us at-



2 Day Course at our -

Central & West London Locations

  • Personal Presentation Standards
  • Customer Expectations and interpersonal skills
  • Route Preparations , venue reconnaissance
  • Professional Airport & venue Meeting Procedure
  • Technology and tricks of the trade to improve service
  • Chauffeur Protocol- 'from the bottom up'
  • Introduction to anti and counter surveillance
  • Route Planning and Venue Reconnaisance
  • Vehicle search and daily templating
  • Working as part of a team and convoy driving ( Security based )
  • Vehicle Presentation- in association with VIP Valet
  • Concepts of Threat and Risk - including corporate & celebrity risk
  • Embus- Debuss as both solo driver and part of a security team
  • Terminal Meets & Parking - Chauffeur standards
  • Emergency First Aid - HSE Certificated
  • Basic Communications and Radio procedure ( Overt & Covert)
  • VIP Terminal Locations and airside procedures ( In association with Net-Jet & Harrods Aviation)
  • Additional Module for those who need it- PCO Geographic Test and medical for London LicenecingCompliance.

The course is both classroom and location based with day 2 spent at multiple locations of benefit to the dedicated professional chauffeur .

This course is the foundation for building a chauffeur skillset far above that of most currently delivering the service.

It is expected that a professional would have, or be about to undertake, the RoSPA accreditation and be at least a Silver but preferably a Gold to be able to deliver a  basic accredited standard of driving to clients.

This is in No way a security driving course.That is a wholly more demanding qualification.

Other courses that may be relevant-

The VIP vehicles open days allows qualified Chauffeurs and security professionals to experience a range of vehicles encountered within the VIP environment first hand. The full range of vehicles one would expect as well as armoured & some sport types are on site and  presented by the manufacturers or Franchise owners. Some driving experience is also experienced in each model. Please note these open days are heavily subscribed.

This course delivered since 2007 and accredited since 2012 is designed for the professional Protection Officer, driver, Chauffeur to enable a realworld knowledge of London within a VIP service environment.

An unrivalled group of presenters and resources make this course unique in the industry. To attend proof of professional standing is required .


We are currently undergoing  ISO & BSi accreditations in line with best practice

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