Polaris Operations
Polaris Operations

Polaris Security as an operating division is established  to protect client property or premises around the clock. We operate  a bespoke service usually in support of core clients broader security needs. Our security  officers  work a four shifts on, two shifts off basis. To cover your patrol needs we supply a real time gps / gprs patrol monitoring – our 24 hour control centre monitors the patrols as and when they happen and alarms our supervisor if patrols are not  done in accordance to specification.  As we pride ourselves as a competent provider of 24 hours security our clients have their own online login so they may view patrols as and when they happen.

Our security officers are of the highest calibre, far beyond our competitors. We train them in all the neccesary Home Office SIA requirements, ensure they are fully licenced and additionally provide first aid and firefighting training at no cost to our clients.


We recomend clients look at the highest standards available - the UK CPNI is an excellent government standard above that of 'trade' bodies.


We are currently undergoing  ISO & BSi accreditations in line with best practice

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