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We deliver specialist courses designed and delivered in such a way as to be amongst the best available. We are not  a training provider whose sole income is derived from training- we are an operational company that also trains . We train government level organisations at home and abroad to the highest standards. Students should be aware that  we don not  run attendance only courses and as such  if the required standard is not met there is a distinct chance of not passing.  

Above all, we practice what we teach.

We deliver specialist and dedicated training courses at our facilities in the west of London and at client Locations-

A full brochure can be requested from - Training@polaris-operations.co.uk


Close Protection Level 3 Btec

Specialist Protection Driver & Enhanced Chauffeur Skills Award Level 3

 Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2

London Familiarisation- (The original delivered since 2011 in its current form -                                   as a Level 2 (RQF)  Award)

Residence Protection Officer ( Level 2)

Hostile Environment Operations


First Person On Scene Intermediate

First Aid At Work - Security Environment

First Aid Instructor Assessor Course

Pediatric First Aid

Protection Operations Medical Support Course


Counter Reconnaissance  and Surveillance Detection for Protection Officers

Protective Search Course


CoP Compliant D13 Medical -

Full Range of Medical and Tactical Courses - Available to Home Office Police Forces



Prince-2 Practitioner




We are currently undergoing  ISO & BSi accreditations in line with best practice

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