Polaris Operations
Polaris Operations

The largest growth area for Polaris has been the development of high quality female protection officers. We as an organisation have developed a reputation for selecting and training exceptional female protection officers who are able to fit in to any environment. Our female PPOs are able to work independently or as part of larger

All our female operators are fully trained in the same skills as their male counterparts as well as specialist planning and paediatric medical skills to compliment their required operational medical courses.

Our female operators are selected and employed because of their ability to work with female principals - understanding their specific needs and interests well as allowing them access to areas male colleagues are excluded from. Whether social, religious or cultural demands are the key motivator all our operators dress according to their clients styles and requirements. All are feminine and professional many being qualified personal assistants and team leaders.


Our Female only training course is deliberately the hardest of our close protection courses as the commercial female PPO is required to take responsibility for a client, their wife or child from their very first employment. Our graduates are employed with clients throughout the world and employed in every capacity up to and including Head of State family protection.


We are currently undergoing  ISO & BSi accreditations in line with best practice

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